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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Splish splash...its 5 below zero!?

We definatly picked an odd time to go swimming.... but wow did we have fun.

Taylor is screamming for mommy so I must run and will try to update this later today.


Jolene said...

Great pics. I just want to squeeze Taylor. There's something about a baby (especially when I can give it back after :) ).

Definitely was cold as hell today brrrrrr!

Glad you had fun. No photos of you again - grrrr.

That's my wittle baby's bathing suit. Hard to believe they were ever that little.

Nina said...

Yup...another no-Nina-picture day. The challenge of my life. Its a catch 22. I don't want my picture taken ever since I always look like stupid (I'm sooooo not photogenic) but I want pics of me with the kids at the same time :( That and Jeremy and his family (with the exception of his Gram) don't really understand the importance of pictures. At least kid pics. So I have no assistance in picture taking if I'm with any of them. I realized that too late when I had Jeremy in charge of taking Taylor's birth pics :(