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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spoiled Much

So somehow last night my husband and his parents got talking about Ashtyn's birthday coming up and what she would want for her big number 3. Well, by the end of the conversation, Sue handed Ron the credit card, said "you make the call". He then handed the card to Jeremy and told him to go for it and the three of them tee-heed themselves silly until they called me up to inform me of the purchase. Apparently my sly hubbie informed them of everyone else's dis-interest in contributing towards an ATV for her so Ron and Sue said they'd get it. Um spoiled much!?! My kids (well Ashtyn anyway....Taylor's too young to care still) are spoiled rotten. It is partially because they have agreed (at least for now) that we're not having a Christmas this least not with gifts anyway. So anyway, now I have to figure out where to hide this thing until the end of April..... and I mean hide it from Sue not Ashtyn.... Sue's going to show it to her the first chance she has and Ron and I agree she should have to wait until her birthday...and Jeremy and I need time to get her a helmet and riding gear. Ashtyn is going to freak out when she sees this thing. April 22 can't get hear fast enough. And yes its PINK!!!!! And Jeremy actually is responsible for that...shocker!!!


Jolene said...

I'm going to use my right to remain silent on this one.

Nina said...

WHAT!?! For the sake of kind of calming people down.... it has a remote kill switch for the "adult" supervising and it has a manual govenor that can be set from 2-28 mph (her bigger power wheel atv goes 6 and she's mastered that one) and it cost the same as it would have for the gymnastics classes they were going to pay for but this way she'll have something to show for after the year is over. Its only a 70c and I used to drive the 110 at her age... she's definatly spoiled, if that's the main gripe, I do agree there, but as far as safety goes, we've got it covered