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Monday, October 19, 2009

Waaaaaay too much again

I received an email a couple weeks ago from Ashtyn's school about the Mason's doing a "Clothes for Children" clothing drive for local less fortunate children. Well, they are in for some overloading. I went through the clothes up in my attic...and filled up 2 totes of clothes to give. Then proceeded through what was piling up all over the kids' room and filled another tote of donatables. Then it was on to the basement and closet....hmmm.... I think I need a bulldozer.

My bed is somewhere underneath this mountain of clothing. I just wish they wanted clothing of all sizes not just newborn to 9-10 year old.

I just emailed the Mason (Ashtyn's teacher's father) about how much I have for them and am awaiting an oh-my-god type response. I have 6 totes full right now and I haven't found my bed yet (which I need to do before Jeremy gets home from working up in Newport on Wednesday) and I have a huge bag full of newborn footed onsie outfits, blankets and newborn hats for the hospital..... oh man. And I still have sooooooo much stuff left to go through... and in all honesty I'm totally keeping stuff I can't part with yet....first Christmas dresses and the like..... but I'm trying to be better. Its awesome that my kids are provided for so well, but I feel bad that we are so fortunate and completely spoiled. Its so hard for me to not be a pack rat....its in my blood. My mom and aunt Kathy have perfected it. They have more stuff in their houses than you'd find in 50 "normal" houses..... but they display everything perfectly and beautifully and its always dusted and spotless... and then theres my house...... more clothing than you'd find in the mall, more furniture than the biggest antique store on the planet.....enough toys, ride ons, bouncy seats and what have you for 5 kids (in all fairness its because I have at least 5 kids at my house almost all the time) and my house is itty bitty. At least too itty bitty for me....a normal person would be fine but me and my brood...not so much. Anyway the point of my rambling..... I set out to thin out and thanks to the Mason's having this clothing drive, I finally am allowing myself to thin out a bit.


Jolene said...

Holy crap!!!! That's a lot of clothes.

Jennie said...

oh my god! You so win! ...not sure if that's a good thing tho... haha