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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don't Use Planet Aid Yellow Boxes

I donated a bunch of clothing and shoes to the Mason's Clothe the Children project, baby blankets and newborn outfits to Valley Regional Hospital (where both my girls and I were born) and food to our local food shelf this week (I'm in super un-clutter mode...and want to give back at the same time). During my struggle with my closet and shelves, I attempted to rally up some more donations from others. When I met up with a girl in Claremont to pick up her contribution for the clothes drive she told me she was glad I found a legitamit charity because she had dropped off a bunch of clothes to the Planet Aid box and was told that the clothes deposited in them where just shreded. She was the second person to tell me something "not right" about the Yellow Boxes. Another person told me the Planet Aid people were selling them to fatten their own wallets. I was pretty annoyed by this idea since last month I brought 6 contractor bags full of coats, backpacks, shoes, clothes, whatever and deposited it into a Yellow Box. So I decided to check it out when I got home.... it isn't good. The short of it is.....don't bring anything to the Planet Aid yellow boxes. Look for a legitimate charity locally.... there are many!