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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our new progress

Pictures 1-5 our of our driveway....wicked frickin wide....I guess its like 40 feet.. I kind of hope that's a major exaggeration

This ones looking towards our stream..... which is currently full of trees.....

This is our drinking water.....scary huh

I believe this one is where our hosue is supposed to be going.... I wasn't there to take the pictures so I'm a bit lost looking at them..... it all looks like dirt and trees to me.


Jolene said...

What are the plans? What kind of house are you building? Log cabin?

Nina Honeycutt said...

That was the original plan..... then I found out it was going to take around 608 WHOLE TREES to build just the outside! So the hippie in me (and Jeremy's wallet) said "not so much" So now we're thinking stresskin with log post and beam???? We;re still up in the air about the building itself.... we've agreed on and planned the floor plan and basement, the actual ground floor....not exactly carved in stone. Basically 50x30 ranch-ish, cathedral-ish ceilings with full finished basement. We hope to have it show my tree lovin'-ness and his borderline redneckness....Nice but not extravigant. Laid out kind of like your house but with a huge kitchen (mine has made me so clausrophobic I want my next one to be too big)....and I think it'd be a little wider.... I'm bad with judging sizes of that's a guess. I've go tvery few precoius months to figure it out and hopefully we pull it off :) Or will be in the camp longer than we, and Ron and Sue, planned