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Friday, October 2, 2009

Chaotic as always

I have been so busy lately I feel like I don't have the time to breathe. Between trying to get my house up for sale, dealing with my high school reunion stuff, taking care of 8 kids, my own family stuff, birthday parties, Ashtyn's school fundraising stuff, class meetings, jeep meetings, loading-driving-unloading-carrying dowstairs-and stacking 4 tons of pellets so we don't freeze to death this winter, child care workshops, random charity things I'm working on and my fundraiser for Shriners Hospital..... I'm pooped. So for all of you who are disappointed I haven't put up any birthday pictures yet, here's a small glimpse of it and the rest of last week.

Our last "almost warm" day..... Taylor and Ashtyn decided that mud in your hair is "fun".......oh yeah, it tastes good too???

We went out to eat (Jeremy the girls and myself) as a family!!!!! And had dinner at Athen's (our favorite local pizza place) for Taylor's birthday. On our way home Jeremy stopped at his parents to say hi only to find out the cake I smelt cooking earlier was made special for Taylor, so we all went in for some monster cherry chocolate cake. Taylor liked the cherries more than anything and I think she was a bit disappointed that there were no cherries on the cake I made for her.

Auntie Julie, Ashtyn, Taylor and me before the party

I think this balloon, from Zane and "Uncle" Travis, was Taylor's favorite present... she still won't leave it alone.

Taylor half way through the party.....she was so tired she laid down to eat her birthday cake

Taylor and Ashtyn have been fighting to see who can spend the most time on the hobby horse "Grammy and Grampa" picked up for the girls.....and me(....I'm the one that wanted it....but obviously for them to have fun on)

Notice my stupid window is STILL if my to-do list wasn't long enough, there's something else I forgot about.

And last but not least.... Ashtyn "allowed" me to take a picture of her...... She found out that food coloring doesn't taste as cool as it looks..... and its not the food coloring that makes frosting sweet....