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Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 weeks and counting

Little miss Taylor had her first visit to the Shriner's hospital yesterday and it went really well. Thanks to the Garmin GPS I had no trouble finding the place. If my mother hadn't brought it I would have driven us to Florida for sure. Ashtyn tolerated hanging out in the waiting room pretty well. We were armed with Auntie Lisa, fruit snacks, animal crackers, a couple toys and my lap top with Shrek and Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer. All that coupled with the really cool toys and play stations that they had there, she was in heaven. Both girls slept the entire ride there and most of the way home too which made the drive tolerable. I was kind of expecting a long drawn out day full of seeing a barrage of doctors and specialists but it was really quick and stress free...which is my favorite kind of anything!!! We met with the orthopaedic specialist and were sent to see the prosthetic team who then took a mold or Taylor little hand and the day was basically done. They made us an appointment to come back in 3 weeks to get her new prosthetic and to meet with the physical therapy team and that was that. And we already have our appointment for next February when she'll get fitted and hooked up with a myo-electric prosthetic. Now all we have to do is hope these ROM exercises I'm doing with her pay off and she loses this limited abduction issue she has otherwise we could be back to Shriner's for a whole lot more :(


Anonymous said...

That is good news. I am glad things went well for a change. I hope the ROM is successful. I know hard that one is!! Give the girls a big kiss for me. Love Aunt Cindy

Auntie Jo Jo said...

So glad to hear that her appointment went well. Sounds very encouraging. I didn't realize that they fitted them so young.

What's the scoop with regard to the limited abduction? What are the ROM exercises supposed to do?

Nina said...

They don't really know what to think about the limited abduction. When she had a check up at Dartmouth in November, the orthopaedic specialist made a comment about it and I had thought she seemed a bit stiff so I just started doing the exercises with her to try to loosen her up. When she was a few days old she wouldn't allow me to raise her arms up, which was my red flag. But then the OT guy and her pediatrician said she had it in her hips too....the knees to the floor thing.....but the exercises seem to be helping so far