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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tabbie love

Little Miss Taylor has been quite the busy bee and making Mommy busy too ;)

Tayt just received a HUGE care package full of letters and picture from the Bethlehem NH kindergartners on top of the thousands of tabs they have been saving for her. She was pretty excited to say the least.

That following Friday Grandmama, Auntie Lisa and GG went down to Shriners Hospital in Springfield to present our 6 month old tab pile which consisted of approximately 650 pounds. We didn't get to go on this adventure because Taylor was sick but we did finally make it down Monday to drop off another 25 pounds of tabs that were dropped off in our North Walpole well over the weekend. And while we were there, little Mayhem was also fitted for her 6th Armie. She's still sticking with Dora the explorer and boots the monkey but this one is purple.

Saturday brought more tab love when we were invited to the BPOE in Springfield Vt so that the Elks members and Moose members could present the tabs they have been saving to Taylor personally. We were also able to visit with some Shriners who were there :) and now on top of all the excitement with the 60th Maple Sugar Bowl and Taylor's "queen status" we'll be making a few other appearances too.