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Sunday, March 3, 2013

I can't even try to keep up.....

Here's a quick glimpse of the last month:

Little Miss Taylor was chosen to be the Queen of the 60th anniversary Shriners Maple Sugar Bowl! But I'm so excited for her and she's bordering on psychotic over it. She can not wait to get a new "ball gown" and of course a princess crown and ride in the parade with her Fezed friends (especially the clowns). The game isn't until August so you'll have to wait for those pictures ;)

I submitted the applications and whatnot for our 5th Shrine On Springfield walkathon and I will have the confirmed walk date soon!

Our tabs-on-hand count is up over 2,565,000 and growing!!!!!!! Holy cow!!!! I can't really absorb that. I couldn't even get them all in one picture. I'm going to try again when we drop them off Friday, and I'm sure someone will succeed in grabbing a good pic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has made this possible and continues to save Tabs For Taylor!

Speaking of Fridays drop off, we're headed down to Shriners Hospital ( if you hadn't figured that out yet) to check out Tayt's "Boots" Armie and see if its time for the third color of Dora fabric to be made into her 6th Armie .....oh my.

Last week's visit with GrandMaMa and Papa was not enough for the girls so were kidnapping my mom to go down with us and since my Grandmother "GG" is up from Florida maybe she'll come along too. We shall soon find out.

Other than that is SSDD: hanging out with friends and family, birthday parties, school stuff for Miss Ashtyn and lots of playing in the snow. And if it involves any form of chaos or mayhem..... That's how our day/month/year went ;)