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Friday, November 23, 2012

Feztival of Trees

After all sorts of ever-expected chaos, we finally made it to Concord to see the Bektash Shriners Fez-tival of Trees! Here's a little sample for your enjoyment ;)

My pick for favorite tree. You can't tell from the picture but all the balls on 
this tree are made with beach sand and sea shells. 
Its just what I want for Christmas......tropical weather ;)

 The Spinning Tree....4th of July on one part, butterflies on another.
I can't remember now if there was another themed side but these 2 were beautiful anyway ;)

 The mini trees

 Just one of the many beautiful wreathes 

And if that weren't exciting enough Santa then blew their minds by telling them how he saw them over the summer in Vermont and gave just enough detail so they knew it was true but didn't give away where exactly he saw them. Way too cute! 

 And of course, I snap a frowning faced Tayt who not only doesn't want to leave Santa's side, she's also had more than enough of me shoving the camera in their faces this past week :(

 Oh the man tree. Well, I want this one too! Who wouldn't want a ton of new tools!

 I just love the purple tree

 And the itty-bitty hand knit stocking tree

 Keeping the Clown in Christmas.... LOVE IT!

 Tayt's pick for the winner! 

 "Look, its Rudolph!"

 Another awesome and favorite tree. Drier vent and bubble foil insulation palm tree!

 Rubber Duckie Tree!!!

 Tayt had to run and hug her two favorite trees Goodbye. 

Goodnight Bektash. Happy Holidays!