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Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation time

Sorry to neglect my blog....I've been up north at camp all week having a blast. Internet access there is basically a "nice thought" but doesn't really exist. We all had fun despite the huge crazy downpour storm thing. I used the chainsaw for the second time and cut down my first tree!!!! Ashtyn had a blast riding her ATV and ours and the new tractor. We went to Louis's pig roast and saw fire works. Lots of fun in the mud and fixing the road and trails during and after mother natures wrath. We discovered our dog is pregnant. Pure bred sheppard + pure bred golden lab = me stuck with puppies......super! All in all we had a lot of fun and it was nice to do stuff as a family on our own for once (and I do mean for the first time!)


Nina said...

For some reason my captions for the pics won't show up.... so for those that care...there's a few of ashtyn in the pool...she's swimming on her own (with swimmies), then there's some pics of wilderness that don't mean much to most...those 2-3 are of the spot where we are hoping to build our house, the tractor is the new "family toy", and there's a bunch of the "flood" we had up there and the damage it left behind, and my one and only good pic of sue jeremy and ashtyn (3 gen's). I think the rest are basically self explanitory

Jo Jo said...

Two pregnant ladies under one roof. Oh vey!

Glad you had a good trip. You didn't listen to me young lady. Where are the photos of you? Hmm, hmmm?

Nina said...

There are actually some pics of me this time but as usual Julie hasn't put them online yet so I can't steal them to post them on here. I wanted to get a picture of me cutting down my first tree but it was kind of an after thought and Jeremy was holding the upper branches of the tree to make sure it actually fell the way I wanted it to and Sue was busy keeping Ashtyn away from us and the chainsaw action.... They'll be up hopefully soon...not that anyone will notice at that point I'm sure.