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Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Weekend


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful little girl, We love you. Love the fishing photo grandpa drew would of been so proud!

Jo Jo said...

117 photos? Good thing we don't have to use 35 mm film anymore :) Looks like you all had an awesome weekend. Ashtyn is so cute. I'm disappointed that you didn't hand the camera off to Jeremy and get some of you too. Where were the fireworks held?

Nina said...

The fireworks were at my aunt and uncle's house in wolfboro. they were alot smaller (I guess would be the word) than the ones we have here for old home days but ashtyn enjoyed them. as for pics of me and the rugrat....i basically didn't have her at all that day. try prying her out of the hands of grandma, auntie and 2 great aunts....and daddy....not likely. that and i couldn't go on almost any rides since i'm prego :( i think the only pics of me with her are on the cable cars and at the miss muffet spider. next time i'll just duct tape her to me and tell everyone else good luck prying her away from ME :)