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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taylor's New Arm

We went to Shriners yesterday and picked up Taylor's new arm. Taylor's prosthetist showed me some "sport hands" (as I call them) for bicycle riding, baseball, stuff like that. Its really wonderful that there are so many different attachments to do different things. I was also able to bug Bernadette and Lee for a bit which is always nice. And I brought down our tab collection...... almost 100,000 tabs!!! That was interesting..... trying to carry 4 5-gallon buckets, which were full, as well as my purse, camera and diaper bag....and both girls.

I grabbed the blanket I made for her and she realized right off that her arm matched her blankie.

Ashtyn and Taylor worked their charms on a Shriner that was there in the morning and he gave them each a Potentate pin. Miss Ashtyn decided to wear her chocolate milk instead of drink it so she got to sport the very last Shrine On 09 shirt instead of her St. Patty's Day greens.

You can tell Taylor was exhausted. It was a very long day.....too much car time and not ANY naptime.
I'd jabber on more but no one wants to nap today either so I have to cut it short.


Jo Jo said...

Seriously how crazy weird is it that her arm matches the blanket you made for her? That is too cool.

Nina Honeycutt said...

I bought the fabric probably 15 years ago to make a skirt or something out of it and lost it for a while. I found it a while back and made her blanket and figured it would make a really neat arm so I saved the scraps. I love it. Its hard to pick out her fabric because sometimes it looks great with one outfit and then horrid with the next. Purple seems to work well for her and I love how funky and bright the zigzags are.