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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Claus is comin' to town

Today was Get-ready-for-Christmas day at our house. Ashtyn went to the salon this morning with Grammy and Grampa to get her hair and nails done....something Mommy would never ever do......and then Jeremy and I took the girls to get our Christmas tree at Bishop's Farm in Springfield, VT, which is where we've been going since Ashtyn's first Christmas. After that we went to visit with the Claus's. Ashtyn obviously loved the visit but Taylor had other thoughts about it. Santa and the Mrs. thought maybe it was a little too chaotic at their visiting venue, so they made a special surprise visit to our house after their other visit was over......Taylor still wasn't happy.....

...but we did finally get her to come out to the kitchen for a minute...

and Miss Ashtyn got to tell Santa 8,000 more things she wanted for Christmas and even show off dancing for him and Mrs Claus.....

....but she still doesn't want her picture taken.

And now its time for music and tree trimming.


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