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Sunday, December 6, 2009

ReBuilt is back!

A few months ago I found this awesome show on FitTV about people with prosthetics, the people who made their prosthetics. It was really neat to see how they were made and the many different kinds available and what the different ones do or activities they make easier etc. Its called 'ReBuilt:The Human Bodyshop'. Two weeks after my discovery, the show just disappeared with no explanation. It is now back on and I did some checking online about its disappearance and found out it was a short lived series. The first episode aired January 18, 2006 and the 12th (and last) episode aired April 5, 2006. That said, FitTV is showing the series are the dates and times I have found: Dec 7 at 2pm and 3pm, Dec 11 at 9pm, 10pm, Dec 12 at midnight and 1am, Dec 14 at 2pm and 3pm and Dec 18 at 9pm and 10pm. FitTV's site would only give the listings up to the 20th so I don't know any other dates and times yet but if you have the channel, I'd recommend cheking it out.....the few episodes I've managed to catch were really awesome.

Link to FitTV schedule