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Monday, November 16, 2009

My house is officially up for sale.....

I'm not quite sure from one minute to the next how to feel about it. The Century 21 sign went up last Thursday and I was not happy to say the least. I didn't cry, like I did when the realtor left after the paperwork the previous Friday. But it made me sad and mad and depressed. Then on Saturday, Jeremy, the kids and I were up in Orleans hanging out and we went to see a house... I fell in love with it and wanted nothing more than to run back here, pack my things and be done with New Hampshire. Then today I got a call from my realtor who informed me she is showing my house TOMORROW!!!!! and I want to cry again. I'm excited to get the ball rolling on this house we looked at, but I really love this house. And I don't want anyone to let it get run back into the ground again. I, along with Jeremy and the rest of our family, have killed ourselves trying to get this house back to what it used to be....and no, I'm no where near done.... it's 100 years old, which is code for "it'll never be done"...... this house is old, big and awesome. But being able to walk outside your house during the day and pee in your yard with no one seeing you.........that's the kind of place I want to live. Not because I have a secret love of peeing outside... I just want to be that secluded. I just wish I could move the house up North with us.


Jennie said...

haha. I love how you use the analogy that "I want to walk out and be able to pee in my yard". You could pee in our front yard and no one but squirrels would see you. I love it.

Good luck selling your home! I hate the roller coaster of real estate. Hopefully it goes smooth!

Nina Honeycutt said...

I'm totally jealous of your house. I was so excited for about a split second when I read your older posts about selling your cabin to move down here.... you and I are close, but still about 20-30 minutes away from where each other wanted to live....we need to be near Browington or Newport and you were looking for Lebanon..... we could have traded...bummer. I defintitely want no one other than squirrels or deer to see me pee :) Nothing goes smootly in my life.... I certainly don't ecpect this to go well oh joy.