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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quick bit

This is just a really cute picture.... I never manage to get any photos of Jeremy on here's a cute one...can't tell Taylor's his daughter

Today I went to Shriners Hospital for their Thank You brunch for people who helped during their "dark days of summer". It was really nice that they did that for everyone. Normally it seems when you help someone they turn around and ask for more when your done.... not SHC. They do everything in their power to let you know just how much anything and everything you do to help is very much appreciated. I had to hold back the tears (yes I'm a sally)during some of the speaches.... I just can't imagine what we'd do without SHC. They've done so much for Taylor and for our family I can never thank them enough.

This was my mission of sorts for the last few months. I was so shocked and happy we collected almost 10 gallons of tabs from June 1-August 1, I was doing everything I could to fill up this tote with tabs by the end of 2009....well we did 3 months! There was about 21-22 gallons of tabs in the bucket and bags....can't really tell by my awful picture but...I know they're there.....and whoever has to pick them up out of the mail room tomorrow will know it too :) ~~Sorry LOSNA, next time I'll make sure they're in a box or something. ....And THANK YOU to everyone who helped with "Tabs for Taylor" and for filling this enormous tote!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!