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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Galore

Wednesday was the Halloween party at FMELC, Thursday Ashtyn and her classmates went trick or treating through Walpole and of course Halloween was Saturday...the girls trick or treated 2 houses and then we went to Candy Land at a church down near my Dad's house.....the whole place was done up like the game but life sized. Ashtyn had a blast, Jeremy fell in love with Princess Frostine and Taylor was a bit freaked out by the crazy grown ups in costume everywhere around her, King Kandy's beard freaked her out the most...poor guy.

MISS PRINCESS, Ashtyn's other outfit.....complete with high heels and makeup.

She decided to wear the Giraffe trick or treating.....Thanks Aunt Kathy!

First trick or treat experience...skipping all the way to the door.