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Monday, August 10, 2009

More idiotic evidence

I'm a complete ditz. That's all there is to it. I don't know if its the hanging out with little kids 24/7 thing, or the pregnant and/or nursing for the last 4 years messing my hormones up, lack of out of home life, genetics (ha know I love you guys)....I have no idea the source of my stupidity. Maybe its all of it put together but wow do I feel dumb.

I just met with a woman today about watching her kiddo and it was like I was transformed into a 12 month old as soon as I opened my mouth to speak. Obviously I never had a public speaking class or I probably wouldn't have this problem. And I'm not a "seller" like what you see or you leave the store. I'm not the type to coax you into buying something you don't want. But I seem to have the curse of making really horrible first impressions. I don't know why, I just do. By the end of my "duh, I watch kids, duh" either the parents think, "Hey at least she's on the same page as my 2 month old, I guess my kids safe here" or "this girls so good she doesn't care about first impressions...she's already got a house full of other kids and they seem fine" or, the worst case scenario," yeah, um, I'll call ya...." as they run for the hills and wonder who lets me watch kids.


I really should have paid more attention to my calender today.

I had a visit scheduled with Taylor's therapist to review her case/needs/whatever from noon to one, then my extra kiddo "D" was going to show up at 1, well he showed up at 10, so instead of quiet time to review Taylor's file, it was going to be 3 kids awake and crazy time, and for some reason I forgot everything that I had already scheduled between noon and 3 when I told this woman who called about childcare to "come on over" when she asked if 1:30 would be okay.

This is why the calender is right there on the door in front of my face!!!! To LOOK AT IT!!! And I neglected to do so.

Ashtyn was having a really bad day since she woke up and it was only seeming to get worse as the minutes progressed. 10:30 Ashtyn falls down, 2 to go. Not so lucky. I got Taylor and "D" their lunch just as Taylor's therapist walked in the door. We started going over the file as the kids ate, then they finished and I laid them down. Taylor passes out but "D" tossed and turned and talked to himself for the remainder of the PT/OT's visit. Ashtyn woke up as we were finishing. One visit down. About 5 minutes later the woman with the kiddo shows up with her kiddo and her sister and her sister's kiddo as I'm cooking Ashtyn's lunch and trying to coax "D" into going to sleep. He starts crying and wakes up Taylor. Taylor's crying, Ashtyn's screaming since she hasn't had lunch yet and "D" is still crying about not wanting a nap.


I'm standing there like a deer in headlights at this woman and her sister. I might as well have been drooling on myself with how intelligent I felt. I don't even know if I got her kiddo's name....that was how crazy it got. I gave her a 15 second tour and apologized for the insanity, said she didn't mind the chaos and took my info and packet of stuff I put together for her and said she'd give me a call later this week since she's hoping to have everything lined up for her return to work next Monday.

We'll see.

Lucky for me, the visitor I was supposed to have at 2, didn't show up.

And people wonder where "Chaos and Mayhem" came from....such is my life. Nothing can go smoothly or it wouldn't be my life.


Jolene said...

Okay, had to laugh at that one. First thought - OMG not more kids, but hey whatever floats your boat. I couldn't do it, so kudos to you.