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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mind numbing

Just a brief run down for those of you who care..... the family I met with Monday... the chaos outbreak meeting.... I am taking the kiddo starting Monday... Tuesday and Wednesday I had 2 more families request my assistance with child I've got too many kids to choose from and have to deny someone...which I'm bummed about....when it rains it pours... I go all summer with 1 1/2 kids and now I'm overwhelmed. of cource. I'm also leaving in about 30 minutes to go to camp. and about 30 minutes ago I found out its no joke. Jeremy is scheduled to start work May 1 and he will also be up there working for the month of November. If anyone is confused by this...Jeremy's transferring up to the Newport VT railroad....that's near our now I have to sell my house and move up there and build a new house and I'm overwhelmed and sad....and also deleiously excited and happy. I'm torn to be completely honest. But I don't have time to discuss it now. You'll have to wait for an update. Have an awaesome weekend everyone.....its the first nice weekend we've had since April 25th!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!