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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wanna Cookie?

I'm still in complete shock. This little child, who came from my body, actually shared her cookie. It was so awesome and sweet and completely shocking. She was hanging out with me in the living room while the other kids were napping and I gave her a cookie. So she's sitting there nibbling it contently. One of the kids wakes from his nap and joins her on the floor. She looks at him and breaks her cookie in half and hands it to him "Donnie cookie?" He happily takes it. I'm beside myself with the thought that my child could be the sharing type. I reminded him to say "thank you" which he did and then out comes "you're welcome Donnie. Mommy I shared." oooohhhhh. I wish I had it on video. It was likely a moment I will never get to witness again.


Cindy said...

Nina, I bet that was a proud moment for you! Too bad the world couldn't see through the eyes of a Child. So willing to share. She is sooo young, but still so amazing! Looks like she was enjoying that cookie too. I know that they don't always like to share,but when they do something like this without being told,it shows you are doing a great job! Love Aunt Cindy

Jo Jo said...

That is so cute. I love when kids do the unexpected and make you proud. Especially when they spend half the time being naughty. Makes those times all the more special.

Ashley makes me nuts, but she got a 100 on every spelling test this year. Her class even gave her a round of applause. See, the little things.