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Monday, April 14, 2008


Soooo.... I actually did write this on Friday......I was however interupted and never posted this bitchfest for viewing. Enjoy. 

Wow! Another week finally over.  I take care of a few kids all day (as well as my own) and I'm just burned out this week. Between saying goodbye to one family and hello to another family, a screaming infant who has some ailment at all times it seems, my two year old daughter getting mad because one of the boys (1 year older than her.....and can not speak which adds to my already stressful days) just took her toy from her and now she's more upset because I put her in time out for pulling the kids hair and taking the toy back, workshops that seem to go all night, being pregnant (which brings on "my mood" and having to balance all the above with paying the bills, being the dutiful wife, etc etc and wondering "when the hell is it my turn". Maybe I want to be a part time parent for a week. I haven't had a day off since this time last year when (thank God for awesome relatives) my inlaws took my husband and I on a vacation to Mexico for a week. Granted I love my daughter more than anything but I would really love to just be able to wake up tomorrow and say to myself I guess I'll ride my motorcycle today. And not have to go through the hell of finding someone to watch her while I go out. I'm crazy I don't know. I sometimes just wish I was like other parents I deal with who can just give their kid away for the day and go to work or do whatever while they tell me they're working. I can't just give my kid to anyone. I'm totally nuts like that but I would definitely love to have that ability for the day. Something. I just need a nap and hot bath. Silence. Uninterrupted silence. No "Mommy, I want", "mine", late parents, extra children or children at all. Just me. Doing absolutely nothing but appreciating the pure joy of not having to do a dam thing! Just being at my own beck and call. At least its Friday. 2 whole days to come of just dealing with my family. That I fear is the closest thing to a vacation as I'll be seeing until probably this time next year :( Oh the joys of it all.