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Friday, April 25, 2008

Another week has come and gone

I love and hate how time goes by. It seems like "Click" in real life to me. You want all the shitty stuff to hurry up and get out of the way but then you sit back and wonder how the hell you missed this and that. Its depressing. I whine that it needs to be payday or so and so needs to get here for their kid before I go crawl into bed and cry from being stressed out so bad and then on days like today I realize I'm now 27 and my daughter is 2. This happened within the last 3 days! I remember my 16th birthday like it was yesterday and basically none of the birthdays after least until my 21st (sucked), 25th (had my daughter 2 days prior and finally got to leave the hospital) and this year the big 27, well it was yesterday...and for a few more days at least, I'll remember this birthday.......its just everything seems so fake. Like I'm still only 16 and I apparently became "one of those girls" (which explains the 2 year old and fetus) in my mind.  I just wish I could pause. At least pause her, even just slow things down a bit. I definatly want all the shitty stuff to hurry and go but I want to be able to watch SLOWLY as my little girl grows and changes. Same with the newest member when s/he joins our family on the outside. I just wish they didn't grow so fast