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Monday, February 3, 2014

New faces, old friends and groundhog stew

We went back down to Springfield today so Tayt could have her one year check up in Orthopedics. 10 miles into our journey, as we crossed the Bernardston line, Puxatawny Phil ruined my memory of yesterday and snow began to fall. 

Soon after I, along with 1,000 other cars, felt the wrath of the snow as we sat bumper to bumper for what felt like an eternity
But Tayt didn't let it bother her

When we arrived at Shriners Hospital yesterday with our zillions of Tabs For Taylor, it was like spring was already here. We ran around in T-shirts and did cartwheels on the lawn. Today, we arrive to be greeted by 3 inches of gick and slop and almost whiteout conditions. Grrr!

But we didn't let that ruin our day, even though it did ruin my not-so-dry-anymore socks. 

We dropped off our Tabs For Taylor cash ($25.50- money left in tabs bins, bags, etc and the donation from a family at the Bethlehem NH elementary school) with Karen and then proceeded to go bug Lee for a few minutes. Lee had another visitor shortly before we arrived.... Our buddy Fix It (one of our clowny Shriner friends) dropped off a super sweet card and some awesome pins for the girls. 
Then came time for the doctor stuff....on our way to check in however, Tayt met up with 4 different girls who were there for their own check ups....all of them were lefties just like her..... And a cute as a button little baby and an older boy....both lefties too! It was definitely armie day and totally funny everyone was a lefty too.

Doctor stuff is what it is. Tayt was basically being her usual "I can't hear you Mom" self :/ but the nurses kept her happy with gifts of crayons and a coloring book and a fancy new pair of pjs (someone donated tons of pajama sets for patients) and after a not too painful visit we went to O&P to meet with her new Armie person (Rob, who has been "her arm guy" since day one has unfortunately left SHC.) Much to our surprise, her new guy is Brock! Who I had planned to bug anyway to ask for help with her current harness issue. We just met a little girl who lives near us and Brock made her armie so I was hoping he might know what to do. No surprise, he did. And he fixed her harness, replaced her abused to death hand, wrist, bands and missing gaskets.

That's about it for now I guess.