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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mayhem's New Armie "Pink Dora"

Taylor, Ashtyn, my Mom, my Aunt Lisa and I went down to Springfield MA Thursday night to beat the snow and ice storm that was heading our way and ensure we would make it there for Taylor's appointments at Shriners Hospital on Friday. I can honestly say my girls were never so excited to see a hotel room or tub.

We stayed at the Comfort Inn and Suites. My mom went with a suite, as you can see from the enormous tub, and made Ashtyn's night Thursday as the 4 of us bigger people put on our bathing suits and sat in the bubble filled hot tub while Taylor was snoring away. Ashtyn was pretty excited to have some focus-on-ME time. In the morning Taylor was able to splash and play in the tub with big sister and the girls had a blast. Then we filled our tummies with waffles, sausage and yogurt before heading over to Shriners hospital to pick up Taylor's new "PINK DORA" Armie.

Almost as soon as we arrived at the O&P depatment, my thoughts were confirmed.....  My Aunt Lisa's friend, "Big Lisa", gave Taylor a pink Dora dress. No one knew or had any idea that it was almost the exact fabric that Taylor was having put onto her newest Armie.

The only differences between the fabrics are her Armie is darker pink with slightly darker flowers and Dora's hair is more rounded than it is on the fabric of her dress. It was so awesome to see that dress. It couldn't have been more perfect. Taylor was so excited.

I still can not get over how much bigger this Armie is. When we were down for her fitting 2 weeks ago we were actually debating wether or not it was time for a new one. Seeing the old one and new one together pretty much confirmed that it was in fact time.
But the day did not end here.....

We also dropped off our current pile of Tabs For Taylor.

(don't laugh at my swollen face....i had my jaw cut open the morning before this and yes its very swollen and not so comfy)
And then the surprises continue too......

Little Miss Mayhem's Armie is set up to operate not only her hook hand via figure of 9 harness, which is what and how she has been using it since July of last year, but it also has Li'l EZ hand (the one that opens and closes...kind of the exact opposite of the hook hand......she used to have this hand on her green and purple zigzag armie). This hand can be operated with a different cable and harness. AND.....AND......Taylor received the Anchor System!!!!!!!!

For those who do not know about the Anchor System...........
(this article is from SingleHandedSolutions  and Springfield Shriners Blog)

"Debra A. Latour, M Ed, OTR/L, has worked at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Springfield, Mass for 13 years. Before she was employed by the hospital, she was a patient. Her parents sought treatment at Shriners when she was a toddler for an upper limb deficiency.

For many years, Debi used the traditional body-powered prosthesis which is activated by a figure-of-eight or a figure-of-nine harness system, using the opposite shoulder as the power source. Many users of this system complain of discomfort from the harness, typically the rubbing on the skin by the harness, asymmetry of the shoulders, pain in the opposite shoulder area, difficulty while performing tasks with both limbs, and diminished physical appearance. When Debi began to experience her own problems with the usual harness system, she relied on her 30 years of experience to solve her issues.

As a Senior Occupational Therapist, Debi knows exactly how to help patients develop skills needed to live as independently as possible and to help improve the quality of their lives. In an effort to achieve these goals for patients with an upper limb deficiency, she invented a new and improved way of harnessing a body-powered prosthesis called the Ipsilateral Scapular Cutaneous Anchor system (the “Anchor”). Her design eliminates the usual harnessing, often a source of complaint and one reason why children reject prostheses.

Debi submitted a paper on the “Anchor” to the American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists which was accepted for presentation at the 2011 Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium in Orlando, FL. Presentations such as this serve to inform professionals in the community of new and creative solutions in treatment and also promote Shriners Hospitals for Children as a center of innovation and excellence in treatment, research and education.

While attending the symposium, Debi was interviewed by a reporter for O&P Business News. She provides a wonderful account of how her invention and her blog, Single-Handed Solutions, materialized."


Until now! 

Debi has been granted sole license to market and manufacture this system and it is now available to everyone. It can be purchased directly from Single-Handed Solutions, LLC. For more information, contact Debi Latour at

As soon as my little monkies come home next week (they're on vacation with GrandMaMa & Papa) I will be documenting Taylor's experience with this new Anchor technology. I am so excited to be a part of this and I can not wait to tell everyone all about it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thinking of you Hillary

Huffington Post article: The Opportunity in Loss

From Huffington Post:

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