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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lovin' her arms

Tabs, tabs and more tabs


Jen @ Born Just Right said...

You are so amazing!! Look at the tabs collection. You are such an incredible mommy!!

I absolutely love the arm hugging!

Jordan and I just started a campaign to collect arms kids have grown out of to donate to kids who lost limbs in Haiti:

We're pretty excited. I'm hoping we can really make a difference for kids who lost so much in January.

I really hope we get to meet in person sometime!!

Nina Honeycutt said...

The tab drive has kind of gone CRAZY!!! In a really great way. We have almost filled our 60 gallon barrel, and in only about 12 weeks. Tomorrow is our walk for Shriners Hospital and a bunch of people are bringing their tabs in so I'm excited to see if we can overfill it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this rain/lightning the weather people keep changing their minds about for tomorrow stays away but... we're walking rain or shine. That's so awesome you are helping with the used prosthetics collection. I was actually planning to find out about that when we go to Shriners.... ours does something like that, I just never asked exactly what. You and Jordan have been such inspirations to all of us in the "Honeycutt house" as well as to our family and friends who wonder "will she be able to...?" I send them your way. And they see: SHE IS ABLE. There is no stopping our kids. I am totally excited to meet up some day. Let me know if your crew is heading out this way again this summer.