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Friday, April 16, 2010

I think I've found my Lady of the Lake

A few years ago, Jeremy and I were helping his Gram clean up her long unseen upstairs. Tucked in the back of the closet in what used to be Sue's (my MIL) room, were 2 fairly large prints. She said they were just old junk that were left in the house by the previous owners (Gram and Grampa bought the house in 52~ish) and we could have them since she just assumed put them in the trash. I fell in love with the frame of the Lady of the Lake print. Its covered with little horse shoes and the glass is so old it has that old waviness in it.

I just loved it. Of course we'd love to have them. So we ever so carefully brought them home.....finding out the hard way we weren't exactly careful enough.....some of the frame flaked off my Lady..... but we got them home and did everything in our power to find spaces on our 100+ yr old latted(?) walls that was strong enough to hang our treasures. We finally got them up and happy in their new locations and over time and many conversations we questioned how old these things really were. The Cows by the Riverside is copyrighted 1896 but there is nothing on my Lady. We checked out J. Hoover and Son in Philadelphia, who owns the copyright and found some info, but not our pics. And over time just kind of gave up on our quest and just enjoy knowing our little treasures are pretty and have been through a lot over the past 114+ years. Today I was looking at just how wavy the glass is on the cow print and noticed what looks like 63 or 65 after the name on the print so I decided to check online again.....still not much but I did find Chris Lane's blog which actually had a post about my guys, J Hoover and Son. And the first print on the page, the text looks almost identical to my Lady...... bringing me to believe that my Lady of the Lake is also a J Hoover print. And after reading about how Hoover started out by making "elaborate wood frames" in the 1850's and then looking at my Lady's frame.......

......I'm pretty sure I've at least finally found her creator.


Jen at Cabin Fever said...

That is so cool! When Shawn's grandmother passed we helped clean out a lot of her stuff and I salvaged a few things that his parents were going to throw away. The only thing is I don't know what they are worth, if anything. Personally... I don't care. I just like them :)