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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The wait is over

Taylor got her first prosthetic today!!!! Thank you Shriners.


Jolene said...

Very cool. What does Taylor think of it?

Nina said...

She was a little shocked at first. A bit of "how come my arm is now twice as long???? and I have 2 hands???" She grabbed at it to try to get a feel for it but the silcone sleeve that helps hold it on is a bit thick and was causing some restraint so I took that off and just left the arm and hand on her real arm she loves it. She started sucking on her pacifier (which the fakie is holding) and she's liking it so I'm psyched for her

Jolene said...

That's great. I never realized they started them out so young.

Nina said...

I didn't either. Dartmouth was saying around 12 months.... luckily a nurse up there called Shriner's for me and got her in now so she'll be able to use it to help her sit and crawl and get used to the extra weight and whatnot.

Jolene said...

Makes total sense. One of my blogging mommy friends has a 4 month old and she is already starting to crawl commando style.