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Thursday, February 12, 2009

If you're squeemish.....don't look

So yesterday I was a moron! Ashtyn decided it was necessary to play on the table on my porch. It has 4 "windows" in the table which are obviously glass and she has already broke one....we assume it was her anyway. So I see her and knock on the door that goes from my living room to the porch to get her attention.....It basically went, "knock, knock, oh f$#@%!" I manged to smash out the window, slice a 1 1/2 inch long chunk of my hand open all the way down to the veins and whatever else I was staring at. I knew it was bad when I saw blue veins. All I could think of was chicken skin. And then, somehow very calmly and rationally, "Hey Ashtyn honey I need you to get your shoes on now. Mommy's got a boo-boo and needs to go get stitches." I then packed up Taylor, grabbed Ashtyn and ran out the door, loaded the baby, re-strapped in Ashtyn's car seat and I drove 20 miles away to the ER trying to keep my cool as I got stuck behind moron after moron going 20 under the speed limit. But we got there and I got some more stitches to add to my list of accomplishments. Luckily Jeremy's father had just shown up to visit from Oklahoma, so he attempted (which is all you can do with Ashtyn) to help entertain the kiddos.


Scout's Honor said...

Hey you, thanks for the blog roll.

And those stitches? Yikes! I did something similar with a power washer. It was either slice my hand or fall off the ladder. I chose door number one. However, I din't have the good sense to go to the doctor for stitches. It healed 6 months later and I have a huge scar to show from it. Silly me.

Thanks again for visiting, my friend.

Scout's Honor