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Monday, February 9, 2009

Aahhhh! The joys of nap time

Five minutes finally :) So alot of people (somehow) have missed some important things in the goings-on of our family. So I figured I'd inform and clarify. Ashtyn has now been out of diapers for 7 months now. I decided if I shared the news back in July when it all went down I would be jinxing it and she would revert back into diapers so I just never said anything. I've just kind of assumed people figured it out a while ago but I recently have had a few people asked me "when are you going to potty train her?" So now it is clarified.... no more diapers for Ashtyn :) She has also finally hit 36 inches!!! So now my little monkey can go on all the rides at the fair and Storyland!!! Also.....Ashtyn is turning 3 in April, not 4 or 5 like some seem to believe.......don't rush it. I know the terrible two stuff SUCKS but I don't want to see her off to school yet....Little Taylor has hit 13 pounds now and is about to be introduced to the world of yucky baby cereal. Her first tooth/teeth should be through any day now.....they are driving her crazy.....poor kiddo. Her hip issue.... I've been doing the ROM exercises with her since November when we first heard there could be an issue and they've helped but she's still limited. I have a physical therapist and some other specialists coming to evaluate her this week and depending on their findings, they might be doing home visits (yay!) to do some OT/PT with her and we're going to Dartmouth to get her x-rays done in a couple weeks which will pretty much clear up any questions of whether or not there is anything to worry about besides tight muscles or whatever. Jeremy has almost finished his "student" period of engineering the train. He will have his engineer license soon and driving the train all on his own. Hopefully he also gets a raise :) The only kind-of downside to that is he's one step closer to taking that position up North and making me pack all my junk again to move up there. And along with the move....sell this house and build one up there!!!! AHHHHHH! I'm torn about that idea. I'm not done fixing this house and after all the thousands of hours of excruciating labor, I don't know if I want to get rid of this house. But its beyond gorgeous up there. 80 Acres of trees, grass, deer, moose and all the other woodland critters. No more route 12 traffic along my property threatening to enter my yard or home.....the sweet sound of silence..... and the threat of Jeremy building a house....YIKES! I love him but he's no carpenter. Oh well time will tell. Still no news on the Ryan situation..... we'll all know when the answers come...... and we're all praying for the best. My 5 minutes are apparently up.......