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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another wonderful visit to Shriners Hospital in Springfield

Little miss Taylor has grown out of her arm so Auntie Lisa came down to play with Ashtyn for the day while Taylor and I went to Shriners to see Dr. Wenner and then visit Rob in O&P to get fitted for her new arm. We also dropped off the donations everyone collected for our SHrINE ON SPRINGFIELD fundraiser. They took a few pics (which you can see I did not...unfortunately) but it was a good time and everyone there just loves Taylor. I think we spent an hour just sitting in the middle of the walk way in the lobby with everyone googling over her. It was awesome to see grown men crawling around on the floor with her and replying to her growls with their own rendition. I just love that place so much. Every time I go I love it more. I can't imagine Taylor not being a patient there. It would break my heart to have to go somewhere else. As you'll see below, I'm not the only one who feels this way either. The first two pics are signatures of a petition to keep Springfield's facility open..... I have no idea how many names are on each piece of paper but as you can tell it spans two full walls.

This last pic is just a small taste of the letters received. They are from all sorts of people, families of patients, patients themselves, school children, friends of patients, professionals, Thank you notes, cards of concern, everything. All people who stand behind this wonderful hospital whether they're patients or not. Its a true testament of how much we love and appreciate everything that Springfield has done. To everyone at Springfield....Thank you.

Little miss Mayhem and I will be going back in a few weeks to get her new arm and visit with everyone again..... I can't wait... her new one is "antique-ie dots" and it has a spring loaded'll see soon.